Monday, October 16, 2017

Tell Her She is Beautiful

Each day I take life for granted. I, as a male, have become accustomed to taking advantage of how simple it is to be born a male. I am not trying to simplify or belittle being male at all. We work hard in many different aspects to provide for our family, but there is one major aspect in life we simply neither think nor care about - how we look. In a matter of a seven minute span, I can be showered and presentable to the public eye without getting a single question from anyone on my looks. When I go out and am not looking my best, everyone just comments to me how I look like I’ve worked a long hard day. Occasionally that is true, but most of the time it is simply because I am being lazy. Women, on the other hand, are a completely different story. I will touch on that later.

Last week my wife, Lezlea, and I went to dinner. I walked upstairs and in seven minutes I was showered, dressed, and headed back downstairs ready to go. My wife then walked upstairs and, what felt like ten days later, came back downstairs ready to go. There are few things more frustrating than when you finally get a night out without the kids and my wife is in the bathroom for years getting ready. I mean, really. What the heck could possibly be taking so long? I whine and complain, literally every time. Which- surprise- never makes her go faster. When she finally comes down the stairs, I look up at her and she is just shining with beauty, but for some reason I do not recall telling her so. We run out the door and go to whatever eating joint we were going to, hit up a movie, and then head to the in-laws to get the kids. We hang out there for a little while, take the kids home, and life continues as normal.

I just recently started to gain some light on why she takes forever to get ready, but first let me take you back a little. I remember vividly the first time I saw my wife. I was working the concession stand at age 16 for the City of Pleasant Hill. She happened to come to that game to watch one of her friends play some Pleasant Hill Rooster baseball. I remember it clearly, just like it was yesterday. She was leaning on the railing watching the game, wearing a pair of blue jeans, and a red hoody. I asked one of my friends I knew that was around her age what her name was, she told me it was Lezlea. When I finally got to meet Lezlea face to face, she was so gorgeous. Those baby blue eyes hooked me forever. For some reason though, I did not tell her she was beautiful. I am sure I said something super cheesy that Lezlea remembers, but I, again, did not tell her she was beautiful. 13 years later, I am writing this about how I still do not tell her she is beautiful enough. It is truly disappointing actually.

I am nowhere near a perfect husband, I have my ups and downs that I try to improve on daily. That being said, there is one thing I majorly fail at – telling my wife she is beautiful. I tell her ‘I love you’ frequently. I kiss her gently on her cheek to show my affection. Sometimes though you need to just sit back, look her in the eyes, and tell her she is beautiful. It does not matter what she is wearing; she could be in a silk dress ready for a perfect date, camo ready to go hunting, or on the couch in sweatpants after wrestling three kids five years old and younger all day – tell her she is beautiful (and mean it!). The reason women spend countless hours in the bathroom or salon helping their beauty shine is pretty simple. She does it for you. She wants to show you her beauty on the outside, in an effort to get you to recognize her beauty on the inside. She spends thousands of hours in the bathroom, for that first sight of her walking down the stairs to go on that date, or to walk down that aisle to accept your hand. She does not do it for anyone else, but you. So have the respect, no, the honor to tell her she is beautiful. Every woman deserves that moment.

I personally am going to challenge myself to do better, and I extend that challenge to you also. Tell your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, and/or your longtime friend that she is beautiful. She, I guarantee you, will appreciate it.

Lezlea, you are beautiful.

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